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We travel the world capturing the beauty of blue through the prism of Cyanotype Photography

Kyano Studio team



Kyano Studio is an artistic duo created by Charles and Dora. 

Photography and textiles are the media of their creative expression.

Kyano was born 7 years ago with a simple desire to create cyanotype collections inspired by their journeys around the world. 


Born in Greece, Dora is a designer, an artist, and an integral coach. 

Charles is a French cinematographer and photographer.

Mother Nature is their ultimate source of inspiration, their muse. 

Together, they travel, capturing shades and hues, the depth and magic of the sky.


"This first impulse pushed us much further than what we have ever imagined, towards new horizons...

The color blue chose us."

notre histoire
la technique



The photochemical cyanotype printing process (from the Greek kyanos which means blue) is one of the oldest photographic processes. It was discovered in 1842 by the English scientist and astronomer Sir John Frederick Herschel. At the time, the deep blue characteristic of the cyanotype made it uncommon, it was then unacceptable to present a landscape or portrait with this technique.
Despite everything, it found its place in technical circles, used for the reproduction, at low cost, of plans and technical drawings for which the color blue had little importance.
The English botanist Anna Atkins, probably the world's first female photographer, used the cyanotype in her work from the mid-19th century.
More recently, the cyanotype has been rediscovered by artistic circles as a technique with an interesting aesthetic.
The process begins with the manufacture of the reagent, a liquid chemistry mixing ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. This chemistry is then applied with a brush to a paper, we then obtain a paper sensitive to light. Once the paper is dry, the negative is affixed to the paper and then exposed under a UV light source. All that remains is to rinse the print with water and let it dry.
180 years after its discovery, the technique remains unchanged but current digital technologies open up new perspectives.
Indeed, the cyanotype is a contact printing technique, there is no enlargement of the negative, the size of the print is therefore identical to that of the negative. Current digital printing technologies make it possible to produce a negative from a digital file and thus offer the possibility of obtaining very large negatives and therefore large prints that would have been unthinkable to produce from negatives. traditional film cameras.

Cyanotype technique by Kyano Studio, Paris
cyanotype print peony
cyanotype botanicals



Since the beginning of the Kyano adventure, flowers, plants, and nature have inspired us with their beauty, richness, and simplicity. Today more than ever they show us the way, push us to move forward, grow and exist despite constraints, and engulf ourselves in the interstices!

We need lightness and beauty more than ever, to feed ourselves positively in these troubled times.

With this new collection, we invite you to discover our journey

to the graceful world of  - FLOWERS -

nos collections
Cyanotype landscape by Kyano Studio



Our creative journey started somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

We flew high above clouds and majestic mountains.

We dove deep into cold waters, roaring rivers, and blue oceans.

We knelt to humbly observe the smallest of creatures.

We saw the land boiling and smoking but also covered by tons of ice.

We saw nature transform, bloom, and grow.

We paused to breathe and connect with our planet Earth.

We take it all in and we capture the striking beauty that surrounds us through the cyanotype technique.


Cyanotype photography is similar to poetry for us. It conveys all the words we are unable to express. The deep Prussian blue opens the door to a parallel world and adds a mystical element to the subject. This monochromatic effect invites the eye to rest and wander to imaginary worlds. We invite you to escape reality and find peace and beauty through this powerful color.

Cyanotype landscape by Kyano Studio
Cyanotype abstract print by Kyano Studio
Cyanotype abstract print by Kyano Studio



Thanks to our macro lenses we were able to look closely at the magical creatures of our planet and discover a brand-new world of textures and details. From butterflies to feathers and plants, the possibilities are endless... 

We invite you to dive deep into this Prussian blue and lose perspective of size and reality.