KYANODO // 2 //

KYANODO // 2 //

Our favourite painter Dominique gives a second life to the cyanotypes that were different or not "good" enough... She sees beauty even where it's hidden and with her brush and ink she brings it back to life! 

We are so grateful for this spontaneous collaboration.


Mixed media: japanese ink and gold watercolour on original cyanotype.

A collaboration between the painter Dominique Rincé Barjou and Kyano.

  • Description

    Arches Platine paper. 

    (Cotton 310gr)

    Photo Size: 29x19cm - Taille Photo : 29x19cm 

    Paper Size: 37x27cm - Taille Papier : 37x27cm

    The print is unique. / Le tirage est unique.

    Ships in a cardboard box. / Expedié dans un emballage cartoné.