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We are Dora & Charles,

the creative duo behind

"Kyano Studio"

As creative entrepreneurs ourselves we know how much courage and passion it gets to create and run your own business. What lights up our souls is helping other creatives elevate their brands and tell their authentic story through powerful imagery & design. Kyano Studio offers a holistic package of creative services tailored to your needs, personality, and uniqueness.

You probably know us as cyanotype artists. In the last six years, we have created many cyanotype photography collections, inspired by Nature, we have hosted many exhibitions in Paris, we have collaborated with other talented artists but most of all we grew and learned a lot. This beautiful blue aesthetic that we built throughout the years inspired other creatives and they asked us to help them to do the same for their businesses. This is how little by little we shifted to a multifaceted CREATIVE STUDIO. 

Charles with his over 15 years of experience as a filmmaker and photographer and Dora with her design skills and artistic approach, the two of us together create a strong team that can incarnate the very soul of your brand with elegance and authenticity.

Meet Charles

Charles is a husband, a father, a cinematographer, a photographer, and an artist. Light and Nature are his main sources of inspiration. As far back as he can remember, he was always creating beauty through his images, letting the light guide him and sensing the magic potential of every moment. He has a vast experience as a Director of Photography and after working on many short films, video clips, and documentaries, for tv channels like ARTE and France5, today he is capable to adapt on any kind of project. 
Being an artist himself, he has the sensitivity needed to connect with someone else's creative process and backed by his technical expertise, he is able to illustrate accurately and beautifully someone's work.
He has been always fascinated by silver and digital photography and he has been exploring various photographic printing processes, such as cyanotype and salted paper. This led him to co-create KYANO with his other half, Dora Bami.

Charles is a free spirit, always looking for new exciting adventures. Combining the sensitivity of an artist and the nerdiness of a technician he has a holistic approach to all his projects.

filmmaker Charles Devoyer
graphic designer Dora Bami

Meet Dora

Dora is a wife, a mother, a designer, an artist and a life coach, deeply inspired by Nature and human relationships. Her journey as a designer started in renowned Fashion Houses of Ready to Wear and Haute Couture including John Galliano, Olympia Le-Tan, Jean-Paul Gaultier and multiple freelance projects. It was when she met Charles, that she felt the calling to pursue her dream and build a creative business together. Today she is the co-founder and artistic director of Kyano Studio and she gets to work with creatives like you, that share a similar passion for their craft, to help them incarnate their dreams through inspiring design and life-changing coaching. 
Dora is a sensitive, intuitive, resourceful and deeply creative soul and she is capable and curious to tap into the essence of every person, in order to understand their needs and visions.

As an integral coach, she can help unblock any limiting beliefs and find clarity in the process and as a designer, she is able to tailor beautifully a brand with soul and personality.

Learn about her coaching practice here

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Kyano Studio

Our Mission

Our mission is to help other creatives and small businesses elevate their brand identity, tell their authentic story and find their ideal client through beautiful imagery and personalized design.

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