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The color blue chose us. Living in Paris, the city of light, the season is always summer with Kyano; between sky and sea, we find ourselves surrounded by hues of cyan. Kyano was inspired by the beauty of blue found through travelling the world. Together, Dora and Charles construct their dreams through collaboration. Charles, a French photographer Inspired by light, pattern and details, captures the beauty of the Greek island Landscape. Dora, a Greek designer, is driven by dreams and curiosity. Her imagination takes form in garments, accessories and unique designs that can be worn in any season. Together they journey, creating and capturing the depth, clarity, contrast, form and beauty of blue.





"Grace à la lumiere"

"Thanks to Light"


Photography literally means “painting with light.” Charles works with a cyanotype photography process using UV light as the primary medium to produce unique prints. The sunshine spills from these one-of-a-kind photos, creating contrast and hues of blue when developed in their at-home darkroom. Something supernatural happens when light and life react; energy and color burst forth, bringing beauty into everyday reality. Thanks to the light, we learn to see the world around us more clearly.


It creates an atmosphere to

be danced in.


The clothes we wear, go with us around the world. What we wear leaves an impression on others.

The color blue chose us; Between the ocean and sky, we walk along paths leading to a discovery of the world and ourselves. The journey is defined not by the destination but rather the documentation of life lived. Our clothing is embedded with story and memory — worn for every season, packed in a suitcase, adding color and leaving impressions. We believe that clothing is more than fabric. It creates an atmosphere to be danced in, worn and washed along the adventure of life.

The theme of our second collection is “Soleil beu”. It’s a photography collection developed with the cyanotype technique. Cyanotype is the origin of all of our patterns and prints applied to fabric, ceramic and paper.

All photos have been taken in the Cyclades and, more precisely, in the islands of Antiparos, Paros, Folegandros and Santorini.

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