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Photography + Videography

Why do images matter so much? 

You are a powerful creator and your work is beautiful but how do you communicate that to the world? You can describe it with words but we live in a visual world where our minds are craving images all the time. These images define our decisions every day. So presenting your work with high-quality, elegant and beautiful images can help your audience perceive accurately what you have to offer, connect with you emotionally and create a relationship of trust and value.

Your brand images need to communicate at a glance all the love and passion you pour into your creative process. But we get you, it's hard to learn how to do everything in a creative business. That's why hiring a professional photographer & filmmaker can make a huge difference in your business. 

Our mission here in Kyano Studio is to tap into the core of your work and aesthetics and to curate a collection of beautiful, personalised photos & videos that can be used for the development of your website, social media or even printed elements of your brand.

Our Offerings

  • 1 Day of shooting 

  • Brand Photography

  • Editing of 100 images

  • Videography

  • Editing & Color Grading of 10 videos of 10sec. each


Content Creation

Timeline: 1 to 2 weeks

  • 1 Day of shooting 

  • Brand Photography

  • Editing of 100 images

Brand Photography

Timeline: 1 week


Some other services that you might need from us are: 

a video portrait, a video that showcases your creative process or craftmanship, a presentation of your collection or programme...

We are here to discuss your ideas and find out how we can bring them to life.

photographer and cameraman

Meet our team

Charles is a cinematographer and photographer. As far back as he can remember, he was always creating beauty through his images. He has a vast experience as a Director of Photography and after working on many short films, video clips, and documentaries, for tv channels like ARTE and France5, today he is capable to adapt on any kind of project. Combining the sensitivity of an artist and the nerdiness of a technician he has a holistic approach to all of his projects.

Check out his showreel or visit his Portfolio

Dora is the co-founder, creative director, integral coach & designer of Kyano Studio. Her purpose is to help creatives like you, that share a similar passion for their craft, incarnate their dreams through inspiring & intentional design. 

From our experience, we’ve noticed that creating a brand or website is very intimate and deep work! It’s not just pretty designs… the early stage is all about introspection and self-reflection to discover

  • why you need a brand or website

  • who you are?

  • who your business is and most importantly

  • who do you want to serve through your work?

We found that this part is very challenging for most of our clients. Thanks to the powerful integral coaching methodology Dora can take you by the hand and help you unblock any limiting beliefs and find clarity in the process.

With thoughtful strategy and personalized design, she can tailor beautifully a brand with soul and personality.

Learn about her coaching practice here

brand designer

Our Expertise

After 15 years of experience in image making, we are proud to say that photography and videography are our superpowers and our expertise! Through the years Charles mastered his craftmanship and he created a big collection of gear. These are his toys as he says that give him the opportunity to be playful and creative with his process and understand the aesthetic needs of every project. With vintage lenses, he is capable to give a nostalgic mood to his images and with his cameras of the latest technology he can guarantee the best quality for our projects. 


Discover our full PORTFOLIO 


let's create some MAGIC together!

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