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Clara Harbadi

Kyano had the honor of working with the artist Clara Harbadi.

Clara's art is transfiguration, metamorphosis, an ever-renewed challenge, an ever-present question. This is the profound nature of her artistic quest to deconstruct and reconstruct worlds.


Charles our filmmaker was invited to her studio in Paris to film her creative process. 

The goal was to create a video portrait that beautifully depicts her magnificent art and creative process.

The video is produced with the support of ADAGP.


Artiste plasticienne



Video portrait

Video portrait for the artist Clara Harbadi



" Charles Devoyer a porter une attention particulière à la qualité visuelle et sonore adaptée à mon projet "portrait vidéo.

Très à l'écoute, il a su répondre parfaitement de mes besoins en m'accompagnant avec un grand professionnalisme. Je recommande vivement. "

Clara Harbadi

Artiste, plasticienne 

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