Jacques Colas-Guerin 

Our mission was to capture the artwork of a lifetime for the painter Jacques Colas-Guérin so as to create high-quality reproductions, an art catalogue and a website portfolio. 




Web Design

Graphic Design

Art Reproductions

Art Reproductions

Using our vast experience and specialised equipment we captured the subtle hues and fine details of the originals. This attention to detail is extremely important! Additional steps of the process were: retouching the digital image file in Lightroom, incl. colour matching, dust and scratch removal, global and local adjustments. 

We struggled a lot during the years to find the right shades of blue and stay as faithful as possible to our original cyanotypes so as artists ourselves we know how difficult it is to create a digital file that's matching your original artwork perfectly.

Today we are proud to say that we have the savoir-faire to capture the essence and beauty of an artist's work with great precision and quality. 

Web Design

Inspired by the richness and beauty of the artist's work, we created a portfolio website that showcases with elegance his art. We worked with the Wix platform and we teach our clients how to use this platform and be able to modify their website whenever is needed. 


Catalogue Design


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