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Pierre Luc Poujol

Kyano had the honor of working with the fascinating artist Pierre Luc Poujol, a leading figure in the contemporary art scene! He puts the mutual relationship between Man and Nature at the center of his art.
Charles our filmmaker was invited to his studio to film his creative process. His studio is nestled in the heart of a dense forest which indicates his intimate fascination for nature.

The goal was to create a video portrait that beautifully depicts his magnificent art and creative process for his new museum exhibition.

The video is produced with the support of ADAGP.

It was an interesting challenge to capture the choreographic gesture of Pierre Luc’s specific painting technique using tree branches as paintbrush. We are so very grateful for this collaboration!


Artist, Painter



Video portrait

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 11.48.51 AM.png



"Un grand merci à Charles pour son écoute, sa patience, sa disponibilité et l’oeil aiguisé qui a su révéler mon travail sur un très beau film entièrement réalisé en noir et blanc ! 

Un réalisateur de talent que je recommande vivement autant pour son professionnalisme que pour son humanité !"

Pierre Luc Poujol,


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