"Les amis" Print

"Les amis" Print

Nous avons décidé de vous proposer

deux nouvelles reproductions issus

de notre collection « CYCLADES »

Une ode à l'été Grec !




Les ânes,

symbole du service,

de la paix et de l'humilité.




We decided to release two of your favourite prints from our collection "CYCLADES".

An ode to the greek summer!



symbol of service,

peace and humility.


They are high-quality digital prints on fine art paper, printed with a large scale professional printer. We use Epson ultra-chrome HD inks that guarantee a very good fade resistance. The prints are hand-cut and signed in our studio, in Paris.





  • Description

    Printed in our Studio in Paris, France. Tiré dans notre studio à Paris.

    Ships in a cardboard box. / Expedié dans un emballage cartoné.



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