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ou Accueillir ?



Photography Collection Kyano 2020

« Thou canst not stir a flower, without troubling of a star. »

- Francis Thompson -

Stir or astir?

One slightly quivers, the second excitedly arises.

A privative and improbable ‘‘a’’, by the happenstance of the language, awakening other senses.


A tightrope artist on an elegant thread, the sundrenched flower crowns the stem, swaying in an undeniably fragile equilibrium.

Insolent exquisiteness, never ostentatious,

true loveliness needs not to be trumpeted.

It resonates with our original sensuality, not as a secret to grasp

but as a confidence to share.


Charles and Dora merge flowers and stars, sky and earth,

in a pure symphony where their singular and complex prints only enhance the clarity of their vision. Thus, sublimity is offered anew to the source of their inspiration, mystery intact.


Onto the cobalt blue of distant seas, superimposes the horizon of our mythologies with the delicate softness of a petal, sensing the infinite perfume of emotions, when finally we allow them to stir us deeply within.


- Jean-François Spricigo -


Translation: Sheryl Hoo

Collection de Photographies 

Kyano 2020

« Tu ne peux pas cueillir une fleur sans déranger une étoile »

- Francis Thompson -

Cueillir ou Accueillir ?

L’un s’empare, le second reçoit.

Improbable ‘‘a’’ privatif, au hasard de la langue, chante d’autres sens.

Funambule sur un fil de grâce, la fleur ensoleille au sommet de la tige,

bercée par le fragile équilibre des évidences. Insolente délicatesse,

jamais ostentatoire, la vraie beauté n’a nul besoin de se manifester.

Elle communie avec notre originelle sensualité,

non comme un secret à détenir mais une confidence à partager.


Charles et Dora relient fleurs et étoiles, ciel et terre, en un mouvement si simple que même la singulière complexité de leur tirage ne nuit jamais à la clarté de leur regard.

Ainsi rendent-ils à la venusté ce qu’elle leur inspire,

sans rien perturber de son mystère.


Au bleu des mers lointaines se surimpose alors l’horizon

de nos mythologies, avec la douceur d’un pétale,

sentir l’infini parfum des émotions,

quand enfin on les accueille.


- Jean-François Spricigo -


hey there!


Kyano is Dora & Charles.

The color blue chose us.

Living in Paris, the city of light,

the season is always summer with Kyano; between sky and sea, we find ourselves surrounded by hues of cyan.

Kyano was inspired by the beauty of blue

found through travelling the world.

Together, we construct our dreams

through collaboration.  

We travel the world,

capturing the beauty of blue...

why blue?



"Grace à la lumiere"

"Thanks to Light"


Photography literally means “painting with light.”

Charles works with a cyanotype photography process using UV light as the primary medium to produce unique prints.

The sunshine spills from these one-of-a-kind photos, creating contrast and hues of blue when developed in their at-home darkroom.


Something supernatural happens when

light and life react;

connect with us


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