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Peggy Nille

Peggy Nille is a renowned illustrator and artist, especially in the world of children's books. She has published dozens of books with her beautiful illustrations and now she is focusing more on painting. 

We had the honor to work with her in order to create a video portrait of her creative process and content photography for her online presence.

The video is produced with the support of ADAGP.

We are grateful for her trust and so glad to share this project with you! We invite you to immerse yourself in her dreamy and imaginative world.


Artist, Illustrator, Author




Photography and videography for the artist Peggy Nille

Content Photography & Videography




"Merci à Charles pour son écoute, sa créativité dans la contrainte. Le portrait qu'il a fait de moi correspond en tout point à ma demande: lumineux et poétique.

Sa connaissance des lumières et du montage  ont abouti à un film tres professionnel."

Peggy Nille,

Artist, Artist, Illustrator, Author

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