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Why Does Your Brand Exist? Discovering Your Brand's Purpose.

WHY do you intend to show up online?

WHY you are doing what you do?

WHY do you want to share it with the world?

Define the WHY behind everything you are doing

The WHY accounts for a very big portion of the energy behind our actions. You can have two people who take the same decision and action but have different results because their WHY is different.  

For example:

Case 1: MARY

Mary is an artist and she decides to grow her online presence by creating an Instagram account. She knows that there is always a positive and negative side to things and the same goes with Instagram. But she decides to focus on the positives and use it as a way to connect with people and share proudly the beauty of her work. 


Her WHY behind her decision is to find new and creative ways to grow her business and share her work with the world generously and proudly. She respects and loves the art that she is creating and she is aware of her responsibility to nurture it and give it the opportunity to be seen and admired. She knows that her work is supposed to be seen and shared, not kept hidden in her studio out of the fear that someone will copy her or steal her work. 


Mary's results are: Slowly, organically, and consistently created a creative community on Instagram.  She collaborated with artists and she participated in a collective exhibition thanks to her Instagram community. She keeps attracting new opportunities and finally collectors. 


Case 2: SOPHIA

Sophia is an artist as well. She decides to create an Instagram account in order to attract buyers to her work. Despite the fact that she hates social media and the vanity they represent she is struggling financially and she is desperate for more sales. So she decides to try everything even if she doesn't trust social media. 


Her WHY behind her decision is her desperation for money and her feeling of powerlessness. 


She finds it hard to create content every week. No one is liking her posts. She feels discouraged and she blames the algorithm. It brings up more insecurities about the quality of her work and her decision to expose herself on Instagram. Her financial struggles keep getting bigger. 

"Your PURPOSE needs to be BIGGER & LOUDER than your fears"

Brand purpose

As you stretch yourself to go out of your comfort zone and get vulnerable online you’re going to have worries, you are going to have disappointments and you are going to be judged.

Understanding your WHY and purpose will help you move through any struggles you may experience along the way. And it helps you move through them so much more quickly.

Growth, by nature, means stepping out of your comfort zone.  When you have a higher purpose you find the energy and the courage to go outside of your comfort zone and achieve what you thought impossible. 

"Let your WHY be rooted in LOVE, not fear. "

We hope this article sparked some inspiration and motivated you to go out of your comfort zone! When we have a clear purpose we find the energy, passion, resources, and power to do things that we would never think we are capable of!


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