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Crafting Genuine Connections: Tips for an Authentic Social Media Curation for Your Ideal Audience

Social media can be so overwhelming and frustrating. We can quickly feel powerless because we don't control the algorithms or when they will change. What we can control is the intention and energy we put into it.  Let's reset our mindset about social media and infuse the essence of our branding in them.

Social media are opportunities for online communities!

social media design

When you are preparing your next post have in mind a specific person, maybe your creative friend, perhaps your best client... but make it personal. That way is so much easier to write from your heart and connect with real people. When curating your captivating feed, what do you want people to feel, see and know? 

Here are some tips that will help you curate a beautiful and authentic account that will connect you with your audience.

Tip #1 - How can you serve your audience?

How can you serve your audience? What solution do you offer to their problem? Think about their struggles and create content that is helpful and inspiring for them. 

Tip #2 - Create a true brand

Create a true brand with a beating heart and an authentic personality. If you want to get people interested in your business, get them first interested in YOU.

"You are the heart and soul of your business and your business needs you to show up for it. Let people know you. Show your face! "

Tip #3 - Think about the platform that you choose as an editorial magazine.

Choose 3 to 5 subjects that you would love to write about. They should be inspiring, educative, entertaining, and valuable to your audience.

Tip #4 - Show your face

People are craving connection and they need to know the face behind your business. We know it's vulnerable we know it's scary but it's such a shame to hide. And we are not talking about going live on Instagram or talking in front of the camera but just sharing some beautiful professional headshots and behind-the-scenes pictures. People are far more likely to follow and engage with an account they feel they can trust and showing your face is one of the best ways to build trust.

Tip #5 - Choosing the right images

When choosing images don’t focus on “perfect” photos but focus on images that allow you to: extend your brand, tell a story, or prompt an action! 

Some questions to ask yourself while choosing an image for Social media: 

  • Why does this matter? 

  • How can I tell the story behind this image? 

  • Who is this post serving (other than myself?) 

  • If this image stood alone, would it fit my desired brand? 

Tip #6 - Batch content creation!

Book a day in your calendar and create the content for your month in advance. Have your photos ready to use in your phone gallery in a dedicated folder, and your copy in your phone notes with your hashtags ready!  It will be so much easier to stay consistent and post regularly. 

"The only reason anyone will follow you is because you have a unique perspective and are doing things that are interesting to them. "-Emily Jeffords


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